Arapaho Fire

Future updates for the Arapaho Fire will be posted to Inciweb on an intermittent basis.

Wyoming interagency fire restrictions website
Medicine Bow National Forest & Thunder Basin National Grassland

Arapaho Fire Infrared Map –  7/15/2012

 HI-RES Arapaho IR Map 7/13/2012 (5.1MB PDF)

Arapaho Fire Briefing Map – 07/12/2012

Arapaho Fire WY – Briefing Map – View Larger Size (8.6 MB)

Arapaho Fire Road Closure Map for 07/07/2012

Arapaho Fire Vicinity Map 07/10/2012

Fire Operations Map for 07/12/2012

Arapaho Fire News Release for 07/12/2012

Contact: Public Information Office – 307-298-0556

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 – 9:00am MST Fire Status Update

Size: 98,115 acres

Contained: 88%

Personnel: 281

News and Events for the Arapaho Fire

  • Hotshot crews continue to use direct attack where possible on the North and West edges of the fire, but due to heavy fuel loading and extremely difficult terrain, parts of the fire will likely remain uncontained until a season-ending weather event. Long-term analysis is using a variety of weather scenarios to make informed decisions for the continued management of the fire. On the eastern edges of the fire, rehabilitation crews are mopping up and patrolling for hotspots.
  • Weather is expected to trend warmer and drier for the next several days.
  • On Wednesday, Mike Morcom’s PNW Team 2 will transition to a local Type 3 team (Hostetler).
  •  The incoming team will utilize a long-term contingency plan that has been prepared to guide management of the Arapaho fire (particularly in the Laramie Peak area) over the next several months, or until a significant weather event occurs

· Future updates for the Arapaho Fire will be posted to on an intermittent basis

Arapaho Fire

Fire crews continue to mop up and patrol around the fire perimeter. Initial attack engines are positioned to respond to new starts. Rehab assessment needs and work on interior lines and roads is continuing on the W flank of the fire. A Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation team has been mobilized to address resource concerns associated with the Arapaho Fire.

The Type 3 team organization at Cow Creek ICP will consist of 10 engines, two hotshot crews, one hand crew, two dozers, 1 grader and two helicopters, in addition to operations, planning, logistics, finance, communications, information and safety personnel.

Public Road Closures·

Four unstaffed road closures remain at the following locations:

· Garrett/County Rd 61 Jct to Garrett/Palmer Canyon Rd Jct

· Esterbrook/Braae Jct to Esterbrook/County Rd 61 Jct

· Fish Creek and Harris Peak Rd Jct

· Bear Creek Road

·Property owners and residents only are allowed to drive on the identified roads; the general public is requested to stay off the roads at this time for public safety reasons due to the amount of firefighters and equipment on the roads.

Closures: All Forest Service lands, recreation sites, roads and trails east of Esterbrook Road. Trails include Laramie Peak Trail (#602); North Laramie River Trail (#625); Friend Park Trail (#609); Harris Park Trail (#616); Roaring Fork Trail (#623); and Laramie Peak Trailhead, North Laramie Trailhead; recreation sites closed include Esterbrook Campground and Friend Park Campground.

Restrictions: For current fire restrictions, visit the Wyoming interagency fire restrictions website at fire restrictions/

Fire Facts

Arapaho Fire: Started: June 27, 2012 Cause: Lightning Location: 28 miles NW of Wheatland, WY.

SAFETY CONCERNS: Potential for dry lightning and gusty and erratic winds, heat related illness, weakened snags and stump holes. RESOURCE CONCERNS: Invasive species such as dalmation toadflax, cheatgrass and zebra mussel transported on equipment from other locations.

WEATHER: Mostly sunny this morning and partly cloudy this afternoon with a slightly better chance of afternoon lightning storms with minimal precipitation and associated gusty winds. Temps slightly warmer, with highs 81-88 near 6500 ft and 75-81 near 8500 ft. Rh is slightly lower 18-25% at 6500 ft and 20-27% at 8500 ft. Gusty erratic winds up to 45 mph or greater is possible with thunderstorms. Slope/valley winds near 6000 ft light and E 3-7 mph until 10:00 a.m, then increasing 12-17 mph after 1:00 p.m., with occasional W winds 12-17 mph. Ridge top/gap winds near and above 8000 ft W 7-12 then increasing 15 to 20 mph by 1:00 p.m. with a few gusts to near 25 mph.

Forecast for Thursday is slightly warmer and drier. Mostly sunny in the a.m. and partly cloudy in the p.m. Max temps near 6500 ft 79-86 and near 8500 ft 71-76 with Rh 17-25%. Winds near 6000 ft SE 7-12 mph with gusts to 22 mph. Near 8000 ft, NW winds 12-17 mph with gusts to 25. Strong valley inversions will lift between 10 and 11 a.m.

In the extended forecast, a chance of thunderstorms Friday afternoon and evening. Partly cloudy with an increasing chance of showers and thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday. Afternoon upper level NW winds Friday becoming S on Saturday and Sunday. E winds at lower elevations throughout the period. Temps will trend downward due to an increase in cloud cover with Rh increasing both days.

TODAY’S EXPECTED FIRE BEHAVIOR: Warmer and drier conditions will continue to lower fuels moistures. Expect an increase in interior smokes through the heat of the day. New starts associated with lightning activity are likely to show an increased rate of spread due to the drying trend and today’s red flag warning.

COOPERATING AGENCIES & PARTNERS: Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, the Wyoming State Forestry Division, Platte County, Albany County and Converse County; the Rawlins Field Office of the High Desert District of the Bureau of Land Management.

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